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Hi all

I'm getting married next June, and I need a wedding DJ - wedding is in Northumberland, so any ideas? please send me any info you might have.

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Hi there

I hope someone can help me!

My boyfriend is looking for a football team to join. Just playing matches on Sundays and all that. Anyway, I'm sure you know what I mean.

Ideally we need somewhere in Blyth/Bedlington/Ashington and possibly Cramlington.

Please help!!! :) (Or point me in the right direction!)

hello all!

i'm pretty new here, but I'm lookin at NU for University, to do performing arts. I've done uni once, but i was abit crap - can anyone tell me about the place, and why I should come to Northumbria?

I added someone who I saw is at Northumbria? honeysomething... sorry! I was wondering if you could help me?
Thanks guys :)
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Hi, new here. Hopefully there's someone still around who might be willing to help me out. I've recently taken an interest in Northumberland after learning my grandfather was born there. But I have a few bits of confusion regarding the area that I hope someone can help with.

Can anyone tell me what might be referred to as "Bedlington Old Church"?

Can anyone tell me what area might have been known as Wapping Square? (the handwriting is bad, so this may not be the spelling, but variants are turning up nothing as well)

Ditto for an area referred to as Allotment, and another Backworth?

I found all these in the family bible records from the turn of the century, but google wants to pretend it has no information on the current locations. I would greatly appreciate anyone who could enlighten me!


Does anyone know of a reputable antiques dealer in the Newcastle/Northumberland (Hexham) area? I have quite a lot of porcelain, china and similar to get rid of.


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I don't know if you've watched any of "Jamie's School Dinners" - but I was appalled. This is the website where you can sign a petition, which is to be presented to Tony Blair next week, to improve the food served in schools. At the moment, the Government spends about 37p per child on school dinners, and this equates to shit that you wouldn't give a dog, resulting in serious health problems both immediate and in the kids' futures.

I haven't really been one for jumping on bandwagons, but this shit's important.

I heart Northumbria!

Hey, I'm new to the community. I thought Id join because I just have to say, I lived in Alnwick for 5 months while going to school, and toured almost every possible place in Northumberland. I loved it all! The culture of the area is so amazing. My favorite part of my stay was the people. Everyone in the north was sooo friendly and helpful to me. I volunteered at the Alnwick gardens, toured so many abbeys and ruins, walked Hadrian's Wall, the list goes on and on. Not a day goes by when I dont think about it. Oh and it took many months, but I think I understand Geordie pretty well by now ;)

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me and my husband are travelling to the UK to visit his family in April, and we want to visit Berwick-upon-Tweed. If we're travelling from York (in Yorkshire), is it best to drive or take the train? And what are good places in Berwick-upon-Tweed to check out?

And I know that this isn't technically Northumberland, but does anyone have an idea of the driving time from York to Basingstoke, Hampshire?